Who we are?

We are facilitators, motivators, enthusiasts. Co-thinkers and lateral thinkers. We are an interested audience and our own harshest critic. We want to inspire and bring hands-on mentality either way!


We deal with your brand and your solutions, combining the right mix of TRAINING, STREAM and EVENT for effective communication with your target audience.


Then: „Make communication personal. Everywhere.“

Stefan Esser

Managing Director

Intracon Marketing Services GmbH

I am motivated by personal contact with people. I have been training myself for years. For me it has always been important to pick up the participants where they are right now to fill content with life. Only then can I design a training that is understandable, valuable and useful.

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Natalie Ginkel

Project & Event Manager

Intracon Marketing Services GmbH

Events are my thing! Get things done in the shortest possible time, keep track of what our customers want, and need local participants - and if it's just a trivial matter that creates a lasting experience. Yes, that's my thing!

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Vanessa Wilhelm

Project Manager

Intracon Marketing Services GmbH

Together with my team, I organize product training throughout Germany, call center training, online training and trade fair appearances for one of our largest customers. Through the young and dedicated team, as well as the uncomplicated communication - both internally, as well as with our customers - the work never becomes boring. And the best part - our dynamic customer keeps us technologically up to date with its wide range of products.

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Pujan Saharkhiz

Key Account Manager

Intracon Marketing Services GmbH

The training business is divided into trainings directly at the point of sale and in digital trainings. We took a close look at the digital version and expanded it into a completely new option for the customer with the "Stream" solution. Here communication becomes interesting again, personally and feasible - at any place, at any time.

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Intracon Barcelona

Avinguda de Can Fatjo dels Aurons #13, 
Parc empresarial A7, 
08174 Sant Cugat del Valles 

Phone: +34 (93) 584 3371

Intracon Madrid
Paseo de la Castellana 43
28046 Madrid
phone:+34 671 546 896

Our Barcelona-based team is a diverse, skilled, and friendly group that’s always focused on an exceptional client experience. We recognize and embody the value of anticipating the small details so that our clients don’t have to.

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250 S. 5th St

Suite 840

Boise, ID 83702

Phone: +1 208-672-0888

We are a results-driven team based in Boise, Idaho, leveraging our wide range of skills and interests to boost your value. Our mantra is to act like an entrepreneur: we approach every project with new passion to find creative solutions to classic challenges.

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CR 3 # 16 - 88 INT 39 
Chia, Cundinamarca 

Phone: +57 1 8842913

When our clients are reaching out to our communities throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, they need a team with extensive knowledge and the ability to localize subject matter expertise. We amplify our clients’ message through a flexible range of delivery options catered to market and cultural needs, including face-to-face presentations, immersive event experiences, and professionally designed materials.

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Marienbader Platz 1

61348 Bad Homburg

+49 (6172) 38841-0

Our Frankfurt-based team combines decades of industry experience with unquenchable curiosity to support and grow alongside our customers.

We have strong roots in print management and PC infrastructure. This foundation has developed into proficiency in product and solutions training through delivery and events, as well as the latest augmented and virtual reality and 3D printing technologies.

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Press information - 29th of november 2017


Intracon name change: Focus on the extended business

The Intracon IT Services GmbH is specialized in the areas of training, live stream as well as the conception and execution of events and helps the international customers to successfully market themselves and their solutions and present them professionally. Customers include not only renowned IT groups but also market leaders from innovative sectors such as 3D printing.


The company name Intracon IT Services GmbH was awarded when the company was founded, as the focus of the company was on services and consulting for IT solutions. In recent years, Intracon's focus has shifted to marketing services. Although IT services are still offered, they are far from covering the product range. Thus, the field of work has changed, the training area has expanded and has developed from the classic "classroom training" to on-site training at the customer or in the store. The Intracon Stream portfolio is a state-of-the-art video and streaming service that combines the benefits of classic "face-to-face" webinars with the YouTube Live user experience and TV. The event business has also experienced strong growth in recent years with the international roadshow, the HP "Energizer" tour. All of these offerings and services are not reflected in the current company name, which focuses on IT.


Under the direction of Stefan Esser, the strategic orientation of the company was revised and focused during the last months of autumn. "Intracon's mission is to bring the customer's story the attention it needs - innovatively staged. We always realize this with regard to our motto: Make communication personal. Everywhere. " (Stefan Esser, Managing Director Intracon Marketing Services GmbH)


Intracon IT Services GmbH is now named Intracon Marketing Services GmbH. After all, the services offered are by no means tied to the IT focus and come from marketing or communication. This is how Intracon sees itself as a marketing agency active in communications in the B2B as well as B2C sector.


Immediately after the name change of Intracon, the new German website is being worked on under pressure, which should not lose sight of the international background of Intracon, but nevertheless focuses on the German market and the German office. The elementary pages are already live.

Hintergrundinformation Intracon
Intracon is an international company with headquarters in Bad Homburg and offices in Spain, North and South America with 125 employees worldwide. For more than 19 years, Intracon has been helping its international clients successfully market and professionally present themselves and their solutions. Intracon specializes in the areas of training, live stream as well as conception and execution of events. Customers include not only renowned IT groups but also market leaders from innovative sectors such as 3D printing. More under:


| Early years 1998 / 2000 |


Founding of "Intracon GmbH - International Training & Consulting" in Bad Homburg by Oliver Knauth, Georg Bons and Timo Lohrey. The drive of the founders was and still is to carry out training and communication in an efficient and participant-focused manner, and above all to convey enthusiasm for the content. Internationality played an important role right from the start. In addition to trainings in Germany and the Netherlands, Intracon was booked for training in the USA, Russia, Asia and Africa. In addition to strong print, storage, server and PC technologies, the personal touch and the ability to translate our clients' language into the language of the participants have ensured continued referral and growth. In 1999, as part of the digitization of printing and copying technologies, the founding of "merito Consulting GmbH", the forerunner of today's Intracon Marketing Services GmbH under the management of Stefan Esser, opened up new business areas.



| The early 2000's |


Due to the continuous development and the hiring of additional employees, the decision to expand and relocate to Friedrichsdorf was taken at the turn of the millennium, where from then on there was an office and training area of ​​approx. 1,000 m².


The year 2001 marks an important intracon milestone through the development of the "Energizer" concept for our customer Hewlett-Packard (HP). At the heart of this novel (and to date successful) approach to sales training, was the departure from the traditional: Instead of gathering the participants centrally in one place and using PowerPoint slides to tease about product features, this format had a lively roadshow from the start & Workshop character. Instead of listening to lengthy lectures, participants now had the opportunity to get to know the products in compressed and interactive presentation slots and experience them live and try them out right away. Revolutionizing was the direct comparison with the competition - allowing HP distributors to get to know and test HP's solutions compared to their competitors and form their own opinion. The success of this concept spread quickly, so the term "Energizer Roadshow" is well known to almost every HP reseller across Europe and Africa. 


The idea of ​​experiencing products and solutions live and, above all, making them tangible for retail partners and their end customers manifested itself in 2003 with the provision of a mobile demo vans. Partners booked this van - fully equipped with demonstration products, marketing materials - and of course a competent presenter - via our website for their events. Whether in-house exhibition, internal training or end customer event. 


| 2006 / 2010 / 2013 |


International expansion: Opening of Intracon branches in Boise / USA, Singapore, Sant-Cugat / Spain and Chia / Colombia. Decisive was always the proximity to our customers. The internationality of our customers has always characterized our actions. For example, our event team consists of colleagues from Germany and Spain who work together to create solutions and look after an international roadshow.

In addition to the involvement outside of the German market, of course, the business also developed locally, so that in 2008 the move to larger and more modern rooms on the Accenture Campus Kronberg took place. Due to internal restructuring, the business units in Germany were reorganized. The "merito Consulting GmbH" was renamed "Intracon IT Services GmbH" and focused even more on the growing event sector / roadshow in addition to the classic training business (PC and data center technologies).


| 2010's |


Since the mid-2000s, the market has changed in the training business and became increasingly digital: The creation of e-learning, the implementation of webinars and the hosting of digital training rooms of course also played a role for Intracon. However, the complete digitization and virtualization of training offers has never completely convinced us - through the loss of true interactivity and the "personal touch", content is also lost.


| 2015 - today|

Make communication personal. Everywhere.


In March 2015, Intracon opens its own studio in the Kronberg office, equipped with state-of-the-art video and transmission technology. The first user is Samsung - within the first three months, more than 20 live streams for Samsung are produced: In interactive and entertaining formats Intracon trains internal and external employees on the latest smartphone generation. The training business will continue to expand - today, more than 50 Intracon trainers train sales at the PoS in over 900 electronics and mobile markets nationwide.


Since March 2017, we have returned to the place of our foundation and have our headquarters in the heart of Bad Homburg on Marienbader Platz.

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